Video Swim Analysis Policies

Please review the following Oceanus Video Swim Analysis payment policies:


A deposit of one half the cost of your desired service package is required prior to any services being rendered, unless alternative arrangements are made.


The intense and controlled atmosphere needed for video capture requires a conducive and hospitable environment. Venue options will be discussed upon initial agreement to proceed.

Follow-up Visits

Clients who receive followup videotaping and office consultations increase their chances of making permanent, efficient changes to their strokes. (An apt analogy is scheduling regular check-ups, X-Rays, and discussions with your dentist, but without the pain!)

Follow-up visits include second and third rounds of videotaping, and office visit consultations to discuss progress, new findings, and make any revisions to client technique.

New written analyses are not included in second and third visits, though are electable by the client.

Subsequent written analyses are recommended after six months or a third visit.

Travel Expenses

Our staff is happy to travel to you for individual or group consultations outside the Greater Boston area, with all travel expenses the responsibility of the client.

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