Benefits of Video Swim Analysis

Four Obstacles to Improvement are Present in Swim Practice:

  1. High swimmer-to-coach ratios during routine practice sessions do not permit long-term observation of a single athlete's swimming.
  2. Above-water observation of a swimmer's below-water movements is hampered by light refraction, distorting the viewer's impressions.
  3. Human eyes are incapable of seeing or analyzing athletic motions in split-second intervals.
  4. Average athletes have difficulty translating auditory/verbal instructions into physical movements.

The Oceanus Digital Video Swim Analysis Advantage

Each client possesses technical traits, training backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses that are unique, necessitating an individualized approach to analysis and remediation. All taping, analysis, and instruction is one-on-one.

Our video technology capabilities permit both above and below water filming of a swimmer's stroke technique from multiple vantage points for detailed analysis.

Our telestration technology utilizes light pen graphics in tandem with playback speeds as fine as one frame per three one-hundredths of a second to reveal precise swimmer movements.

The strength of these visual cues, according to learning studies, increases the likelihood that a swimmer will be able to correct and improve his or her technique.

Process/Service Flow

Oceanus Digital Video Swim Analysis employs a closed-loop learning model, known as the "5R Approach".


For a printable, more in-depth explanation of each component, click the flow above to view the chart in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader).

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