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Pete Sczupak teaching a child to swim

Introducing our newest service!

Oceanus Online now offers self-paced, online swimming mastery courses. Teach and learn when you want, where you want!

"This is the best self-taught instructional program that I have seen on the market."

Dr. Kevin Tyrrell
Olympic/ASCA Level 5 NCAA/International/Age Group/YMCA Coach


It is never too early to learn to swim. If you have a pool (or visit one regularly), water safety for your entire household depends on every family member having basic swimming skills.

Our web-based course offerings help you teach swimming yourself, in your chosen pool environment. The courses have been designed by Oceanus principal, Peter Sczupak, whose expertise can give you confidence that you are taking the best approach in teaching the youngest members of your family properly.

Swimming skills, especially at basic levels, can be quite successfully taught and learned online. No specialized swimming knowledge is required of the instructor to put the course material into practice, either for yourself or the person you are helping learn to swim.

Our online courses cultivate safe, fun, nurturing, first-time swimming experiences, designed to prepare new swimmers for later entry into traditional swim programs.

Online Programs for Institutions

Educational, commercial, and governmental options available upon request.

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