Swim Clinic Pricing and Terms

General Clinical Outings

(Four strokes, starts, and turns)

  • Outings within 100 miles of Arlington, MA, are billed at $195/hour plus travel expenses (roundtrip mileage), with a two-hour minimum duration.
  • Outings beyond a 100-mile radius of Arlington, MA, require a three-hour minimum duration plus travel expenses.

Capacity limited to 20 students/session except by mutual agreement and subject to additional terms.

Clinician may request special equipment (for example, training gear, video resources) to augment attendee experience.

A deposit may be required to secure clinician time and resources. Hosting organizations are responsible for leasing suitable venue space/time slots three weeks prior to contracted clinic date.

Associated coaches and parents are welcome to view and assist with all clinic activities.

Payments for all clinic services are due, per invoice terms, no later than 30 days post-clinic completion.

Specialized Clinical Outings

  • $215/hour plus travel expenses.

Capacity limited to 15 students per session except by mutual agreement. Travel, duration, and venue policies noted in the General Clinical Outings section above are also in effect.

Prices effective September 1, 2022.

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